Boehringer Ingelheim Job opportunities

Boehringer Ingelheim Job opportunities 


(Sr. orPrinciple) Scientist-Research Beyond Boarders

About Human Pharmaceutical Business

With global presence, Boehringer Ingelheim has industry-leading expertise in medicine research and development. We are constantly developing the next generation of medical breakthroughs and successfully delivering innovations to meet the medical needs of the patients we serve in the following key areas of interest: cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic diseases, immunology, oncology and central nervous system. In the future, we will accelerate the launch of more than 10 innovative medicines to meet the demand of Chinese patients.


Job Responsibilities

  • Scout for new opportunities in areas including but  not limited to immunoinfection, tissue regeneration, gene therapy and immunosenescence. 

  • Establish and manage academic/biotech collaboration projects for and beyond Research beyond borders; 

  • Internally drive research projects as project leader;
         - Design project plan and workflow, manage project progress
         - Optimize the resource usage from internal and external partners and ensure timely deliverables
         - Organize regular meetings and discussion, take part in the troubleshooting of experiments

  • Enhance the visibility of Boehringer ingelheim by attending local and international conferences and build strong connections with (potential) external partners



  • Demonstrated track record in biomedical science with good publications;

  • PhD degree with preferred training background in immunology; 

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, team player;

  • Ability to align with internal and external      stakeholders;

  • Ability to ask critical scientific questions and criticize devised hypotheses, experiments and results interpretation;

  • Graduates from top universities with >5 years relevant working experience in drug discovery industry preferably in a global biopharmaceutical setting;

  • Strong scientific curiosity and willingness to learn and catch up cutting-edge science

  • Strong English language skills;

  • Strong understanding in disease biology, drug discovery and in vivo pharmacology. Strategic insight and operational excellence in leading virtual international project team;

  • Good communication skills, standing power and sense for stakeholder management (leading leaders).


Please send your job application to

.  Employees in RBB have theflexibility to work in Beijing or Shanghai.

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