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Chen Dong

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Professional Experience

1985-1989     Bachelor, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.   Major: Cell Biology    

1990-1996     Ph.D,  University of Alabama at Birmingham, Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program

1997-2000     Postdoctoral Fellow, Section of Immunobiology

                      Yale University School of Medicine. Advisor: Richard A. Flavell, Ph.D

2000-2004     Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology, University of Washington School of Medicine

2004-2008     Associate Professor (tenured), Department of Immunology.

                      University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

2008- 2014    Professor (tenured), Department of Immunology, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

2008-2013     Director, Center for Inflammation and Cancer,MD Anderson Cancer Center

2010- 2014    Olga Keith and Harry Carothers Wiess Distinguished University  Chair in Cancer Research,

                      MD Anderson Cancer Center

2013-2016     Vice Dean, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University

2014-present  Director, Institute for Immunology, Tsinghua University

2015-present  Vice Director (Tsinghua),

                       Peking University-Tsinghua University Center for Life Sciences, Beijing, China

2016- 2016     Executive Vice Dean, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University

2016- present  Dean, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University

2017                Director, Beijing Key Lab on Immunological Studies on Chronic Diseases


Recognitions and Awards

2009 American Association of Immunologists- BD Bioscience Investigator Award

2011 Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

2014, 2015,  2016 Highly Cited Researcher, Thomson Reuters

2016 Keynote speaker, 2016 Keystone Symposium on T Follicular Helper Cells and Germinal Centers

2017 Highly Cited Researcher, Clarivate Analytics

2018 Highly Cited Researcher, Clarivate Analytics2018

2018 Keynote speaker, 45th Annual Meeting of Indian Immunology Society- Immunocon 2018

2018 Plenary Lecture, Korean Association of Immunologists International Meeting 2018

2018 Fountain Valley Investigator of Life Sciences (FViL)

2019 BioLegend William E. Paul Award for Excellence in Cytokine Research



Immunology and Inflammation

We are interested in studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying immune tolerance and immune responses and hope that our research will lead to new approaches of modulating the immune system in a variety of immune diseases and cancers.

1. T lymphocyte differentiation and function
2. Cytokine function and signaling in inflammation
3. Immune tolerance and tumor immunity.

ORCID: 0000-0002-0084-9130


ResearcherID: B-3181-2009


Selected Publications


1. Liu, X., Chen, X., Zhong, B., Wang, A., Wang, X.,Chu, F., Nurieva, R. I., Yan, X., Chen, P., van der Flier, L. G., Nakatsukasa, H., Neelapu, S. S., Chen,W., Clevers, H., Tian, Q., Qi, H., Wei, L. and Dong C. Transcription factor Achaete-Scute homologue 2 initiates T follicular helper cell development. (2014) Nature. 507: 513–518.


2. Chang, S. H., Mirabolfathinejad, S. G., Katta, H., Cumpian, A. M., Gong, L., Caetano, M. S., Moghaddam, S. J. and Dong, C. T helper 17 cells play a critical pathogenic role in lung cancer. (2014) Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, USA 111:5664-5669.


3. Reynolds, J. M., Lee, Y.-H., Shi, Y., Angkasekwinai, P., Nallaparaju, K. C., Flaherty, S., Chang, S.H., Watarai, H. and Dong, C. Interleukin-17B antagonizes interleukin-25-mediated mucosal inflammation. (2015). Immunity. 42:692-703.


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7. Liu, X., Lu, H., Chen, T., Nallaparaju, K. C., Yan, X., Tanaka, S., Ichiyama, K., Zhang, X., Zhang, L., Wen, X., Tian, Q., Bian, X., Jin, W., Lai, W. and Dong, C. Genome-wide analysis identifies Bcl6-controlled regulatory networks during T follicular helper (Tfh) cell differentiation. (2016) Cell Reports. 14:1735-1747.


8. Giles, D. A., Moreno-Fernandez, M. E., Stankiewicz, T. E., Cappelletti, M., Huppert, S. S., Iwakura, Y., Dong, C., Shanmukhappa, S. K., Divanovic, S. Regulation of Inflammation by IL-17A and IL-17F Modulates Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Pathogenesis. (2016) PLoS One 11:e0149783.


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Invited articles and book chapters


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