Bo Liu - 2021 Ray Wu Prize Winner


The Ray Wu Prize is awarded each year to graduate students for excellence in life science research, recognizing individual’s innovation, independent thinking, and dedication. A candidate must be a graduate student who is pursuing a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in an institution located in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, or Singapore.

The prize consists of USD $5,000, a medal, a certificate, and a citation by the Ray Wu Memorial Fund (RWMF). Financial assistance for travel is available to the recipients for career advancement purposes. RWMF will serve as a liaison for the awardees who wish to seek consultation from established investigators as they develop their scientific careers.

2021 Ray Wu Prize Winner -


Bo Liu

Background: Mr. Liu received a bachelor’s degree from China Agricultural University and join Dr. Hai Qi’s lab in 2015. Bo’s work mainly focused on how affinity-based selection during Germinal Center (GC) reaction is efficiently accomplished, a prerequisite to better understand how antibody affinity matures. His work uncovers a new principle of the spatiotemporal orchestration of affinity-based selection by finding the mechanism that disproportionately focuses the help from TFH cells onto affinity-increasing B cells.

Citation: He has detailed knowledge of B-cell development in the germinal center, and is highly independent, supported by his own idea on repulsive guidance of cell migration. Realize the gaps between what’s known in mouse versus humans. Has some ideas to use ex vivo systems or humanize mouse models to study human T/B cell differentiation. He is very passionate and has a clear and excited future plan, good communication skills.

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