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The Institute for Immunology of Tsinghua University (IITU) is dedicated to fostering excellence in education and research. We offer academic training programs for undergraduate students, graduate students, physician-scientists and postdoctoral fellows. Our faculty members have diverse interests in immunology and a common endeavor to mentoring and research.

Students seeking the Ph.D. degree in biomedical sciences are admitted to Tsinghua University through application to the Graduate School. Upon admission, students who are interested in immunological research are encouraged to conduct undergraduate thesis projects and lab rotations in IITU. A comprehensive training program in the track of immunology has been developed by our faculty and been consistently improved for students who chooses a thesis lab in IITU, which aims to train the next generation of leaders in basic, translational and clinical immunology.  

♦Fundamental Immunology Course: The fundamental immunology course provides general understanding of the discipline of immunology and prepares the students of the basic knowledge for thesis research.

♦Advanced Immunology Courses: Several advanced immunology courses are taught by our faculty to cover a variety of topics on specialized areas to interested students, thus enhancing the student’s depth of understanding of selected fields (Critical Thinking in Immunological Studies, Signal Transduction and Immunological Diseases, Experimental Immunology, Receptor Biology in Immunological Research).

♦Weekly Working-In-Progress Report: Weekly report is organized for trainees to present their working progress in the institute and get scientific inputs from colleagues.

♦Annual Institutional Retreat: The annual retreat brings together faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows and staff for a day of intensive communications and brainstorming on scientific progress.

♦Scientific Advisory Board Symposium: We invite world-leading scientists for cutting-edge research seminars in the immunology field every other year, challenging and inspiring our students to be creative and aim high.

♦IITU-RIKEN Joint Workshop: We once a year organize the joint workshop of the Institute for Immunology of Tsinghua University and RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences, to create a collaborative academic environment for multidisciplinary research between the two institutions.

♦Extracurricular Activities: Our faculty and staff will always stand alongside you, on your journey navigating the difficult times as well as savoring joyous moments, and on your pursuit of dreams to come out with greater strength and resolve.

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